Follow Arbetsförmedlingen’s action plan

When you receive benefits from us, it is important that you follow the plan you made with Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service). This includes applying for suitable jobs, following your action plan, and submitting activity reports on time. If you fail to do this, you may receive a warning or lose benefits for one or more days.

To keep your benefit from us, you must, among other things

  • Follow Arbetsförmedlingen’s action plan
  • Apply for suitable jobs
  • Submit activity reports to Arbetsförmedlingen

Follow the action plan and apply to jobs that you can get

When you register as a jobseeker at Arbetsförmedlingen, you will draw up an action plan together for finding a job. The action plan will, for example, include which meetings and activities you should attend and how many jobs you must apply for each month. It is important that you apply for suitable jobs that you are qualified for and will accept if offered.

Submit activity reports on time

When you are unemployed and receiving benefits, it is important that you actively look for work. Therefore you need to fill in an activity report to show which jobs you have applied for and other things you have done to get a job. You must send this to Arbetsförmedlingen by the 14th of each month. Remember to submit the activity report on time, otherwise it may affect your benefits.

You can read more about how to fill in an activity report at Arbetsförmedlingen.

What happens if I don’t do what I should?

Arbetsförmedlingen will notify us if you do not handle your job search. We will always contact you when we receive a notification to find out what has happened. We will then decide whether you should receive a warning or not receive benefits for one or more days. Your compensation may be affected as follows:

  • First time: you receive a warning and your compensation is not affected.
  • Second time: 1 day without compensation.
  • Third time: 5 days without compensation.
  • Fourth time: 10 days without compensation.
  • Fifth time: you lose the right to benefits and have to fulfill a new work condition to get benefits again

Updated: 2024-06-10


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