Resigning from a job

In most cases, if you resign from a job and apply for benefits, your entitlement to benefits will be suspended for a period of time. Even if you think you will be suspended, you should register with the Public Employment Service on your first day of unemployment. You should then apply for benefits on Mina sidor and submit your time reports. We need these reports to calculate the number of days of suspension.

How long will I be suspended?

If you resign, you will usually be suspended for 45 days. You can count a maximum of 5 suspension days per week, which is equivalent to 9 weeks of suspension if you are unemployed full-time.

From your last day of employment, you have 112 days to deduct your suspension days. After 112 days, your suspension is complete, regardless of how many suspension days have been deducted.

When will I recieve benefits?

You can receive benefits once you have deducted all your suspension days or when 112 calendar days have passed from your last day of employment. Before you can receive benefits, you have 2 qualifying days, which are days on which you do not receive benefits. The suspension and qualifying days are not deducted from your 300 days of benefits.

Reasons for not being suspended

There are several reasons why you will not be suspended if you have resigned. For example, if you:

  • have not received your salary from your employer
  • have become ill because of your work and are unable to change your duties
  • have been bullied or harassed at work.

You should always submit evidence to support the reasons for your resignment.

Updated: 2023-09-25


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