Time report

The time reports are used as a basis for the payment of your benefit. It is therefore important that you fill in your time reports for each week that you apply for benefit. You fill in and submit your time reports via Mina sidor. Important to remember when filling in your time report:

  • Fill in what you have done during the week. Do not forget to fill in Saturday and Sunday as well.
  • If you submit your time report on Monday, you will receive benefit on Thursday of the same week.
  • If a time report is older than 9 months, we can not receive benefit for it.
  • Check that all the information in your time report is correct. If you fill in the wrong information or don not tell us that something has changed, your compensation may be affected. You can read more about what this may mean here.


How to fill in your time report

  1. 1 Unemployed

  2. 2 Hourly employment

  3. 3 Holiday

  4. 4 On call

  5. 5 Part time

  6. 6 Sickness / Parental benefit / Parental leave

  7. 7 Not able to work

  8. 8 Activity via the Swedish Public Employment Service

  9. 9 Other


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