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Extra work

Extra work can, in some cases, be approved as a spare-time job. The exception is made if you:

  • have had the job for at least 12 months before you became unemployed, and
  • had the job at the same time you were working a full-time job.

The average income from this extra work may not exceed the equivalent of 6 times the amount of benefit from the basic insurance per week. The basic benefit is a maximum of SEK 510.

If you have extra work, you should inform us about it at the same time that you apply for unemployment benefits. We will then examine your extra work and decide whether it can be considered to be an approved spare-time job.

You can continue to perform an approved spare-time job whilst receiving unemployment benefits. The hours spent on your spare-time job do not need to be declared on your time report. If you, on the other hand, increase the number of hours you spend on this extra work, it will cease to be recognized as a spare-time job. In this case, you should notify us that you have extended the working hours of your spare-time job, and you should declare all the time worked on your time report

If you increase the income gained from your spare-time job, please contact us for more information regarding how you should declare your spare-time job on the time report.

Updated: 2023-05-02


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