You must submit the correct information when you apply for unemployment benefits. If not, you may have to pay back the benefit you have already received, a so-called repayment.

We rely on the information you give us to be correct. If you do not provide the correct information or fail to advise us if the information changes, this could be considered to be gross negligence or intent. If so, we may request a repayment. You could also lose your right to benefit and be reported to the police.

Contact us about changes

You must always inform us of any changes that occur to your situation, for example, if you start to work full time or begin to study. Send us a message via Mina sidor or contact our customer service.

Updated: 2023-08-23


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    The e-service where you can apply for benefits and find information about your ongoing case.

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    The e-service where you can find information about your membership and your invoices.

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