FAQ about benefits

Here you can find some questions and answers about receiving benefits.

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  1. 1 How do I apply for benefits?

  2. 2 Can I apply for benefits if I am not a member of an unemployment insurance fund?

  3. 3 What is required for me to be entitled to benefits?

  4. 4 Can I apply for benefits if I have not worked during the last year?

  5. 5 How do I send my work certificate to you?

  6. 6 How much benefits can I receive?

  7. 7 How long can I receive benfits?

  8. 8 When will I receive my first payment?

  9. 9 Why am I not receiving benefit for all the days on my time report?

  10. 10 Can I combine my allowance with work?

  11. 11 I have been studying, what should I consider when applying for benefits?

  12. 12 I have been on parental leave, what should I submit?

  13. 13 Can I receive benefits from you at the same time as I receive activity grant from the Swedish Social insurance Agency?

  14. 14 Can I apply for benefits if I have resigned?

  15. 15 What happens when my compensation days run out?

  16. 16 Why do I have to send you certificates when I no longer receive benefits?


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