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If you have been self-employed, you may be entitled to benefits from us if your company is completely dormant or if you have completely ceased your business. You must also meet our requirements.

If you have completely ceased with the company, you must be completely separated from it. This means that you no longer work in the business, have no ownership, and have resigned from all positions within the company.

If your company is dormant, no activity at all may be carried out in the company. You must also wait at least 3 years from the date of resuming the business before you can put the business on hold again and receive compensation once again.

If we determine you as self-employed, your benefit is calculated either on the income from the business as shown in the most recent final tax statement or on the average of the two final tax statements before the most recent one.

The unemployment benefit is not intended to support starting a new business. Nor should it be used to supplement the income of unprofitable businesses.

Updated: 2024-05-21


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